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How it works

Valcore Learning equips students with the tools for success in today's competitive world. From our experience working with a wide range of students, parents, and other educators, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to education leaves many learners falling through the cracks. That's why our programs are custom-built to fit the needs and learning styles of each one of our students. We offer Academic Support & Enrichment, Test Prep, and College Admissions guidance. At Valcor Learning, we support students with their present goals while helping them develop skills and tools for the future.

Our Approach


Free onboarding

We offer a free initial meeting, where we get to know the student and their unique needs. This allows us to create customized programs that deliver the most effective results. Our diagnostic tests for test prep students are also completely free of charge, so you can be confident that you're getting the most accurate assessment of your skills.


A supportive team

We believe in a holistic approach to education at Valcore Learning. In order to provide our students with the best guidance possible, we prioritize communication with everyone involved in our students’ education. Whether it’s liaising with teachers to make sure our students are up to speed, or talking with parents about how to best support their child, we believe that a team-oriented approach is crucial to success.


Multidisciplinary approach

Our tutors specialize in a range of topics, from executive functioning skills to SAT preparation, and have extensive experience in mentoring students towards achieving their academic goals. We like to think of ourselves as coaches and mentors that help our students and their families navigate a forever-changing education world.


Constant support

Our tutoring service is more than just teaching subjects - it's about providing constant support to ensure our students succeed. Whether you see us once a week or three times a week, we're always available to answer any questions and provide guidance. Choose us, and experience personalized learning that prioritizes your needs.


We sell all of our programs in packages. Most of our packages are 20 hours, but we can be flexible (we know scheduling can be tricky!). Additionally, we are happy to start with a trial session.

We offer virtual support as well at-home support in the New York City Area and the Houston Area for an additional, pro-rated fee. Please don't hesitate to reach out for more information!

Academic support
& Executive Functioning

Test Prep

College Support

  • Virtual: $105.00/hr

  • At-home: $105.00/hr + pro-rated travel fee

  • Virtual: $150.00/hr

  • At-home: $150.00/hr + pro-rated travel fee

  • Virtual: $135.00/hr

  • At-home: $135.00/hr + pro-rated travel fee

Get Started

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