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"In addition to being immensely helpful and allowing me to improve my score by 150 points, Emma was wonderful to work with. She was patient and kind and made studying for the SAT, normally an arduous and stressful process, a bearable, if not enjoyable, one.  My work with Emma allowed me to go into the test with confidence and armed with the strategies, tips, and experience I needed to succeed. I highly recommend that anyone who is preparing to take the SAT work with Emma and Valcore."

Rachel - SAT Student

“Emma really went above and beyond with helping my son in Math and History. She helped him do a lot better on his tests and essays but also helped him improve his organization and study skills. She was always easy to get in touch with and gave my son confidence in his learning abilities. He loved working with her! ”

Andoni - Academic Support

"Emma is an excellent and patient tutor! My son needed a bit of support with his middle school Algebra 1 class, and she provided the additional support he needed. She also assisted with some executive functioning and test prep skills. He excelled in class, passed all his tests, and was happy to have her as his tutor. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor!"

Benjamin - Academic Support


Our philosophy

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to education leaves many learners falling through the cracks. That's why our programs are custom-built to fit each student's needs and learning styles.

By targeting specific Executive Functioning skills, along with supporting students with their classwork, test prep, and college applications, we empower our students to become efficient, independent, and confident learners. 

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